Features & Benefits

When it comes to vendor management, data is king. But without the necessary tools to manage your workflow, data is just noise. SELECT provides all of the tools and information you need to effectively recruit, vet and manage your fee panel.

Powerful search tools to include:

  • RECRUIT™ allows you to invite appraisers to your panel with the click of a mouse
  • Geo Radius search maps each profile with distance from subject address
  • Advanced search features identifies a list of appraisers with granularity

Lenders & AMCs

  • Add, remove, monitor fee panels in “real time”
  • Share lists with correspondent lenders or third parties
  • Access the most comprehensive source of disciplinary actions
  • Background checks ordered by the appraiser
  • Recruit appraisers nationwide
  • Complete credentials database


  • Be seen by our growing list of AMC and Lender subscribers
  • Share your profile and/or background check with existing clients and prospects


  • Unique identifier for every appraiser
  • Appraiser profile information assists you with reciprocity
  • Appraiser provided background checks
  • Access to Continuing Education certificates in appraiser profiles for audits
  • Complete contact information for every appraiser in your state

About Us

Clearbox®,LLC was founded to address the complex landscape of compliant processes and data management. Better information and transparent processes promote integrity. The Clearbox® suite of products offers solutions to all stakeholders- Appraisers, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Lenders, Appraisal Management Companies and Regulators.

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